Josh & Tyndall's Hawaii Elopement

November 15, 2023

Hey y'all! Its been a few years since we've posted anything to the Blog. It's something that's been on our to-do list for a while now. We felt like Josh & Tyndall's amazing Big Island Elopement would be the perfect place to start.

We really liked these two, right from our first conversation, they were fun, adventurous and madly in-love, exactly the kind of couple we dream about working with. We talked about possible locations and together we quickly decided on this beautiful valley. We really can't say enough how much we Love the Big-Island!

This is the first off-island wedding we have done since the Covid-19 mess started last March, so we were slightly worried about testing and travel, as were Josh and Tyndall. In-fact I recall Josh saying something to the effect of; " We are counting on many things going just exactly right to make this all happen". I guess good things happen to those who have faith because everything ended up going great.

The day before the wedding JJ and I went to the location to scout it out, as we usually do. It was a muddy mess of pouring rain and the river had opened up making access to our desired location a bit tricky. Worse yet, the forecast for the the wedding day was calling for high winds and lots of rain. We left feeling pretty nervous about the next day. We went back to our Hotel, prayed for good weather and went to bed. When we woke up in the morning (4am) we went straight to check the weather, Overcast, but no rain, thank goodness, maybe we'll get lucky!

After the hour long drive we arrived at the location and sat in the pitch black with the heater on, while waiting for our couple to arrive. They arrived a little late as they got pulled over for speeding (don't speed on Big Island, like not even 5 over). with flashlights and backpacks we started the hike down  and made it to the bottom of the valley in about 20 minutes, plenty of time before sunrise. The river had swelled overnight and was now about knee deep but, these guys weren't going to be stopped that easily. Once we were safely on the other side we had the whole valley to ourselves.

Just as the sun came up, these two had the most beautiful ceremony, officiated by the Legendary Kahu Tom. We may not have gotten the colorful, bright sunrise that we had hoped but we were blessed with no rain, light winds, and hours of soft, even lighting.

We spent close to 3 hours wandering around taking photos. These guys seriously were so much fun and so easy to photograph. We are so grateful for Josh & Tyndall, so thankful we could be part of their special day.

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