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Salt Lake City, Utah Wedding Photography By JJ & Alison Ochsenbein

Hey there!
We are J.J. & Alison Ochsenbein,
Owners of Palms & Lace Photo. We are based out of Honolulu, Hawaii and Salt Lake City, Utah, but we regularly travel all over the world Documenting amazing love stories, with madly in-love couples.

We've been photographing weddings together for the last 8 years. During that time, we've learned how to combine our individual strengths, work together as a team and help your Wedding Dreams become reality. Our goal is to go above and beyond in every aspect of our service, starting with prompt and effective communication. We know just how stressful planning a wedding can be, in fact we know that you're likely feeling overwhelmed right now, (don't worry that's normal) let us help! Shoot us an email or give us a phone call. We'd love to hear all of your plans.

We absolutely LOVE what we do! Perhaps it's because we're Hopeless Romantics ourselves and we buzz like bees every time we see a couple light up for each other, the light in their eyes is contagious! The range of emotions experienced on a wedding day truly is a thing of beauty, raw and wholesome. Documenting those moments gives us something of a thrill, I guess you could say. We know exactly how much thought, time and money goes into making each wedding day a personalized expression of a unique love story. Preserving all of the details and feels of the day, in the most Authentic way, that's what we're all about.

We genuinely enjoy meeting many new and interesting people, many of whom become great friends. We are firm believers that a FUN wedding is a GOOD wedding. We love to have a good time alongside our couples and their guests, nothing crazy but we can definitely pass a Vibe check.

We enjoy working closely with other vendors to create a team that makes a wedding day flow as smoothly as possible. Good vendors are skilled in crisis aversion, real-time problem solving and can handle some heat. Call us crazy but we actually enjoy the challenging aspects of each wedding day.

We are excited to share more about us personally. Check out our About Us page to learn more.

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Client Love

Hannah Mersereau

We were blown away by JJ and Alison. From our initial contact they were professional, helpful, and accommodating! The shoot itself was an absolute blast -- they helped us feel comfortable and were very knowledgable. Alison even made my flower crown and let me borrow her shoes. Seriously, the nicest folks! When we received our photos (only a few days later), they were STUNNING. I cannot recommend Palms & Lace enough. Incredible photographers and incredible humans!

Elise Madsen

10/10 I am so happy. I’m a graphic designer who works with photographers all the time so I was pretty selective as I was looking around for a wedding photographer bc I wanted the very best for our wedding photos. And guess what.GUYS THIS IS IT. THEY ARE THE BEST.Their photo style is ✨stunning✨ and holy smokes they are so good at capturing details. I always get so awkward I front of the camera but wow they are good at helping you feel natural and happy and beautiful in the moment.They are so fun to work with and we had a great experience during the shoots. My husband and I are SO happy about all of the photos. They are an actual dream come true.

Veronica Scott

We absolutely love our photos! JJ has a beautiful photography style. He was easy and prompt to communicate with. I would recommend to friends and family. I look forward to many more photo opportunities with our family in the future .

Tara Doxey

JJ and Alison are warm, low-key, and happy to be there. They have a way of making the task of family pictures seem easy, effortless and fun. We left feeling like, “we’re done?” It was more of a hang out session while someone snapped a few photos. Not the stressful, awkward experience family photos can be. The experience itself was great, but the final products are the best photos we’ve gotten. Also, they got them back to us super fast.

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