Let's talk about J.J. (by Alison)

His real name is Jonathan James but once you meet him, you'll understand why that name is just far too formal for him. I'm pretty convinced JJ could have a good time at an insurance seminar. He's up-beat, fun-loving, and charismatic. He's for sure a people person, every place we go somebody knows him (it's kind of annoying lol). Even though he might look big and burly, he's really just a teddy bear with a soft heart.

In his free time, JJ likes to fish, hike, surf, lift weights and most of all, spend time with the kids. He's what some might call an "old soul'' he loves listening to old vinyl records, shooting film on his collection of old 35mm cameras, stopping at every yard sale in town, and always taking the slow but scenic route. JJ loves all things art, he's creative and sees the world as one big canvas. One of his art professors described him as the most ''right-brained'' person he'd ever met. Don't worry though, he does have organization skills (although he still can't seem to figure out where the dirty clothes go).

The last thing I will say about JJ is he is 100% dedicated to his work. Wedding photography isn't just a job to him, it's his passion. He considers it to be his calling (well, that and also Dad jokes).

Let's talk about Alison (by J.J.)

From the first moment I first met her I knew there was something different about Alison - I mean after all, I did meet her in the Men's bathroom. Girls this pretty aren't usually as funny, humble and down to earth as she is. She truly is one in a million, a unicorn, if you will.

From an early age her biggest aspiration in life was first and foremost to be a good Mom, and she certainly has achieved that. Her kindness and patience is truly remarkable. Her love for our children inspires me each day. Beyond being a mother some of Alison’s favorite things include: exercising, shopping, baking, traveling, laying in the sun and diet Coke.

Alison is an exceptionally hard worker and a great leader. Before Photography she excelled in retail management as a store manager for Express and David's Bridal and she has been a licensed cosmetologist for the last 18 years. Her dedication to customer satisfaction has helped her to become successful as a Wedding Photographer. She is intelligent, thoughtful, kind, optimistic, loyal and dependable. She's exactly the kind of person every Bride needs in their corner on their wedding day. 

Working as a husband and wife team means you’re getting more than just a “second photographer,” you’re getting a team - that works together everyday, understands each other and knows how to utilize teamwork to cover all aspects of your wedding day. From getting ready photos for the bride and groom, (because contrary to popular belief, men get ready too) to capturing the first look and excitement on everyone's faces.

We are firm believers in effective communication. We won't leave your texts on "read," or emails and phone calls unanswered but rather create effective channels of communication so you can stress less leading up to your big day. We are open and up-front and we whole-heartedly believe that "honesty is the best policy."

​It might sound ‘cliche' but exceptional customer experiences is what our business is built upon. We believe your wedding day is all about you! We can weigh-in with professional opinion when needed but our priority is serving you. We are laid-back, adaptable, easy-going and vibe well with just about anybody, but above all else we are committed to delivering the wedding day you deserve! The little details of your wedding are some of our favorite things to photograph. They are unique and special and we know how much thought and hours of Pinterest time were put into them. We can’t wait to get to know you guys! ~ JJ & Alison

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